Sakuma special transformers

Power PSC-900
(Pri. 0-100V)
900V-850V-0-850V-900V (DC300mA),
5V(2A), 5V(2A), 10V(3.5A), 10V(3.5A),
for 845 push-pull
(Pri. 0-100V-120V-230V)
850V-0-850V (DC200mA),
170V-0-170V (DC80mA),
10V(3.5A), 10V(3.5A), 5V(4A),
6.3V(2.5A), 6.3V(2.5A)
Filter SA-3000 10H (DC250mA) for 845 push-pull
0.1H 3.5A   choke for filament
Output SF-8003 8K push-pull for 845 push-pull

SIT-3KM 1:1

3K:3K DC80mA
SIT-3KM 1:1.5 3K:6K DC80mA
STU-5K 5K:10KCT(2.5Ksplit) DC80mA
SIT-5KM 5K:10KCT(2.5Ksplit) DC60mA
SS-351(B-5002TS) 10K:40KCT(10Ksplit) DC30mA
SS-3 100KCT(25Ksplit):200KCT(50Ksplit)

for 5691 push-pull

STU-200 200KCT(50Ksplit):200KCT(50Ksplit) for 5691 push-pull
Input STU-001 150,300:100KCT  
STU-27 40,300,600:100KCT for 5691 push-pull

SIT-5KM has greater low frequency extension than STU-5K.

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