Tube Preamplifier with built-in CR type Phono Equalizer

  • All of the transformers (Power, Choke and Output) are specially manufactured by Tamura Corp.
  • For better sounding, there is no Printed Circuit Board in the circuit. (A hard-wired is used for all of the circuit, though it makes a complicated wiring and requires the technical skill to assemble.)
  • Due to above reason, this model is factory assembled version only.

Specifications for SVC-1000
---- PHONO Section ----
Circuit Design "CR" type
RIAA 20-20kHz (+/-0.3dB)
MAX Output 30V/1kHz
Gain 39dB/1kHz
Noise level less than 1mV
----- LINE Section -----
Circuit Design "Cathode Follower"
Line Inputs RCA (Unbalanced): x5 (PHONO, TUNER, CD, AUX1 and AUX2), also with REC IN x1
( NOTE: Unbalanced only )
Input Impedance 100kohms
Line Outputs XLR (Balanced): x1 (*1)
RCA (Unbalanced): x1, also with REC OUT x1
Output Impedance 10kohms (Unbalanced)
600ohms (Balanced)
Frequency Response 10-130kHz/-3dB (VR:MAX)
MAX Output 50V/1kHz
Gain 22dB/1kHz
Noise level less than 0.1 mV
----- Other Details -----
Tubes ECC83 x1, ECC82 x3: Phono Stage
ECC82 x2: Line Stage
6X4 x1
Power Supply 100, 120 and 220-240 VAC can be accepted at 50/60Hz (must select one) (*2)
AC Connector Equipped built-in noise filter with detachable AC cord
Dimensions W430/H90/D250 mm
Weight 8 kg
this specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • This model is not only "factory assembled version" but also "a preamplifier made to order".

*1 It can be chosen with the toggle switch on the rear panel.
*2 Now, we deliver this model with exchanging between two kind of power transformers like below in order to be used for all over the world.
1) 100V-120V version
2) 220-240V version

The full size pictures Front (JPG48K)
Inside (JPG52K)
Rear (JPG51K)