Single-Ended Monaural Power Amplifier

  • Ultra big size transformers are used for both Output and Power supply.
  • Double choke transformers are used with Triple metallized polypropylene capacitors for the plate voltages.
  • All of the transformers are specially manufactured by Tamura Corp.
  • A hard-wired is used for all of the circuit. (which means no Circuit Board.)

Specifications for SV-300BSM
Tubes 300B x2, 6SN7GT x1, 6V6 x1, 5U4G x1
Circuit Design Single-Ended class "A" operation without negative feedback
Power Output 15W
Input Impedance 100k ohm (unbalance), 600 ohm (balance)
Input Sensitivity 600 mV
Output Connections 4, 8, 16 ohms
Frequency Response 16-28kHz/-1dB, 10-30kHz/-3dB
Noise level less than 1.4 mV
Power Supply 100, 120, 220-240 VAC can be accepted at 50/60Hz
AC Connector Equipped built-in noise filter with detachable AC cord
Dimensions W450/H210/D350 mm
Weight 28 kg
this specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • 300B tubes are driven through the interstage transformer.
  • Also, 300B tubes are connected to the interstage transformer in parallel.
  • This model is an amplifier made to order.

    The full size pictures Front (JPG109K)
    Rear (JPG97K)