Ordering information for Oversea Customers

We welcome orders from oversea customers and are able to send most items by Air.
We can accept orders by any of following means:

1) By Airmail to: SUN AUDIO CO.,LTD, 2-23-9, Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0041, Japan

2) By Fax at: +81-3-5296-0272

3) By E-mail to: sunaudio@big.or.jp

Attention : As for SV-series (Power amplifiers, Preamplifiers, etc.), factory direct is only available from countries where have no authorized agency of us.

(Please check our Agency in your country.)


All our prices are based on Japanese Yen. And we suggest following methods of payment.

1) By credit card :

Please inform us your card number, expiry date and also holder's name by FAX.
(Sorry but we cannot accept above info by E-mail. Thank you.)

Our FAX number is : +81-3-5296-0272
Attention : Please do not send the card info by E-mail !!

Attention : the credit card which can be accepted is "VISA" and "Master" only.

2) By bank transfer :

Please remit the amount for the goods through following bank to our account no. Payment shall be made in "Japanese Yen" currency.

Bank Address:   3-31-23, Minami-Oizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 178-0064, Japan
Phone Number:   +81-3-3924-7111
Account Name:   SUN AUDIO CO.,LTD.
Account Number:   0005-241-4542637
Swift Code:   BOTKJPJT

We have a lot of stock of Tamura transformers and other parts for your amplifier building without the online catalog on this home page.
Mr. Sakuma's special transformers are in our stock.

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