Step-up Transformer for MC Cartridge

  • MC step-up transformer which has both ultra wide band and ultra small distortion.
  • Permalloy troidal core transformers (spacially manufactured by Tamura Corp.) is used for each channels.
  • Suitable for almost all MC cartridges (DENON, ORTOFON, etc.) with LP playing of fine quality.

Specifications for SAT-1000
Input Impedance 3, 20 and 40 ohms
Output Impedance 4.7k ohms (*1)
Frequency Range 5-80k Hz
Ratio 34dB(3ohm), 26dB(20ohm) and 23dB(40ohm)
Dimensions W150xH85xD214 mm
Weight 3.5 kg
this specifications are subject to change without notice.

The input for 3ohm (No.1) is connected to the output for 4.7kohm (No.1). Also, the input for both 20ohm and 40ohm (No.2) are connected to the output for 4.7kohm (No.2).
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The full size pictures Inside (JPG65K)
Rear (JPG54K)