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Ukiyo-e Auction
..Sponsored by 75 dealers worldwide, the 23rd
Ukiyo-e Auction is held thru Oct.5-7, 2012.
.About 400 lots are exhibited and sold. (J, E)
KIKAI Sosaku-hanga
..Sosaku-hanga is print art drawn, carved and
.printed by the artist. KIKAI presents very rare
and fine examples. (J, E)
Gallery Sobi
..Explores the beauty and techniques of wood-
.block prints by Harunobu, Utamaro, Hokusai,
Hiroshige, Yoshida Hiroshi and more. (J, E)

..Publisher of Japanese woodblock prints
.established in 1924, exhibiting and selling
.Yumeji, Jacoulait, Fujita and others. (J)

Gallery Shigeko Inoue
..Exhibits the artist's woodblock prints depicting.
water and flowers. Her works have been exhibited
also in Italy, China and U.S.A. and awarded on many
occasions (J, E)

. Joseph Love Art Gallery
..Exhibits abstract photographic works by
.the.artist, who left a great impression on
.the development of Japanese modern art.(J)

..Antique gallery in New York specializing
.in.ancient Egyptian, Near Eastan and Islamic
.works ..of art.(J, E)

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